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The most highly trained pilots you will meet. When getting it there matters.
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Legacy Fleet is a highly-trained mercenary organization mustered by one of the most successful gaming communities found online. Dedication to detail and a strong 10-year history puts us ahead of the competition. Through the military and business management experience of our leadership, we offer real-life-friendly atmosphere combined with unique competitive training found nowhere else.


Whether it be mastery of flight fundamentals, small-team section tactics, or war strategy, Legacy strives to be the best
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Legacy Fleet is who you call when you need disciplined, flexible, and highly-reliable combat and logistics support
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We have members spanning from college-grads to active military
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LIS Fighter Training
The Legacy Instructional Series (LIS) is a resource to help new pilots begin the journey of honing their piloting and combat skills in Arena Commander. At the core are exercises that can be performed by the player solo or with other new pilots. There are also academic discussions of the mechanics of the maneuvers covered by the exercises, as well as compiled references to useful resources for new pilots, including other dogfighting tutorials.

Training Feedback

“Your videos have helped me so much. Those videos are the only reason I actually enjoy the dog fighting in this game now. Learning how to fight without gimbal weapons has made everything so much better.”
“I had asked you last week about joystick curves, I thought I’d give you a quick follow-up. You’re advice was spot on. I changed my binding layout for my dual joysticks and have now gotten to the point that I actually aim more consistently with my stick than I do with gimbals and mouse. I have been following your LIS videos as they come up and watching them all and trying to take as much from them."
"“You probably get a ton of inbox after you put out those instructional flight videos, but i just wanted to thank you for showing beginners the ropes and I found your videos extremely helpful.”

We set the bar.

It doesn't get any better than LF when it comes to fleet organization and execution. We aim for high aptitude and extraordinary coordination.